MAGGIORE Unlimited McQueen Grey Cap

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MAGGIORE Unlimited McQueen Grey Cap

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Signature Collection

The Unlimited Signature Collection is inspired by our special Limited Edition caps. It has the same unique style and feel but is part of our unlimited collection that's always available. This line offers a mix of cool design and exclusivity, making it easy for everyone to enjoy our signature style anytime.


MAGGIORE Steve McQueen Edition Cap

This collection is whithout velvet

Embrace the iconic cool with MAGGIORE's latest addition - the Steve McQueen Edition Cap. Inspired by the man who epitomized effortless style and adventurous spirit, this cap pays homage to one of cinema's most enduring icons.

About Steve McQueen: Known as "The King of Cool," Steve McQueen was an American actor renowned for his rugged, rebellious demeanor and love for speed and danger. Best remembered for his roles in classics like "Bullitt," "The Great Escape," and "Le Mans," McQueen wasn't just a talented actor; he was also passionate about racing and motorcycles, making his mark both on and off the screen.

Product Description: The MAGGIORE Steve McQueen Edition Cap captures the essence of McQueen's legendary style with its clean design and focused detailing. Crafted from premium materials, this cap ensures both comfort and durability. Adorned with a subtle yet distinctive image that encapsulates McQueen's spirit, this cap is the perfect accessory for those who appreciate classic style with a sense of adventure.

  • High-Quality Material: Chosen to ensure comfort and longevity.
  • Iconic Design: A subtle tribute to McQueen's legacy, perfect for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit all, with adjustable settings for optimal comfort.
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Materials & Size

Discover our signature collection cap, which showcases a classic mesh net design. The caps come with a strap on the back.

Ensuring a perfect adjustable fit for head sizes between 50-60cm. Suitable for anyone over the age of 12, this cap seamlessly blends comfort with a timeless style.

  • 65% Cotton
  • 35% Nylon

Some of our Signature caps feature a luxurious velvet front panel, while the others have a classic cotton front panel.

(For Example. McQeen & Audrey are not made with velvet.)

Color: McQeen Grey