MAGGIORE Unlimited Marilyn Black Cap


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Signature Collection

The Unlimited Signature Collection is inspired by our special Limited Edition caps. It has the same unique style and feel but is part of our unlimited collection that's always available. This line offers a mix of cool design and exclusivity, making it easy for everyone to enjoy our signature style anytime.



Celebrating the legendary symbol of glamour, the MAGGIORE Unlimited Marilyn Black Cap encapsulates timeless allure and the seductive essence of Marilyn Monroe. Meticulously crafted in superior velvet, it provides an exquisite balance between luxury and comfort. The elegant black setting showcases a captivating, Marilyn-inspired image, offering an unrivaled and exclusive accent to any outfit. Ideal for casual days or glamorous nights out, this cap is the go-to choice for those wishing to convey a contemporary and iconic statement. Enhance your collection with the enchanting style and eternal elegance of the Marilyn Black Cap by MAGGIORE.