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Nelson Piquet


Nelson Piquet is a symbol of audacity, skill, and unmatched drive, with his career as a Formula One driver creating a lasting legacy that continues to inspire people worldwide. One particular event embodies his unyielding spirit and thirst for victory. In the 1982 German Grand Prix, Piquet, driving for Brabham, was trailing behind the leader. Undeterred by the odds, he daringly undertook a pit-stop strategy, which was rare at that time.


This calculated risk led to an unexpected malfunction, and Piquet found himself almost losing control at high speed. But displaying his characteristic agility and split-second decision-making, he managed to regain control and get back on track, epitomizing his relentless pursuit of victory. Piquet's tenacity didn't stop there. Overcoming this setback, he secured his second World Championship the following year. This accomplishment not only marked a personal triumph but also showcased his unswerving dedication and determination.


Nelson Piquet's greatness extends beyond the race tracks. He is a humble individual who never chased after fame. Instead, his focus was always on pushing the boundaries, continuously striving for excellence, and inspiring future generations to reach their potential. Decades after his last championship, Piquet's legacy lives on. His name is synonymous with courage and determination, and his story continues to inspire generations of race enthusiasts and beyond.


Another notable moment that illustrates Piquet's unwavering dedication happened during the 1986 F1 season. Amid multiple challenges, including fierce competition and a less reliable car, he managed to clinch his third and final championship. Despite the odds, Piquet used his expertise in race strategy, coupled with his experience and raw driving skills, to overcome these adversities.


He showed the world his ability to stay calm under pressure and adapt to changing conditions, thus contributing to his reputation as a true racing legend.



Our Story 

Maggiore is a Swedish based company that is focused on making the most unique and exclusive looking headwear on the market.
We created Maggiore to fit people that strive for success and happiness in life.

We encourage you to make your own path and creating the life you want and have always dreamed of.
For a long time people have enjoyed modern artwork and exclusive clothing. But the two are never combined. Here is where we come in and make it happpen, we are creating some of the best looking headwear there is.
Our caps are made in high quality velvet and they will make you feel unique and special.




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Discover our limited edition velvet cap, which showcases a classic mesh net design. The cap is enhanced with a sleek black leather strap.

Ensuring a perfect adjustable fit for head sizes between 50-60cm. Suitable for anyone over the age of 12, this cap seamlessly blends comfort with a timeless style.

  • 65% Cotton
  • 35% Nylon