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The C10 collection is very limited and once sold out it will never be sold again in the future.


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"Armed man with automatic weapon in a car during the hunt for Tumba Tarzan on Södertörn"

 This premium cap is made in velvet material and has a photo of a armed police man with an automatic weapon in a car during the hunt for Tumba Tarzan on Södertörn embroidered at the front. The cap is  limited edition and once Sold Out it will never be sold again. 



Rolf Eskil Johansson called Tumba-Tarzan, born 1925, died 1978 in Tumba, was a Swedish burglar who became nationally known in 1954 when he was on the run from the police for more than six months.

Tumba Tarzan was named the country's most dangerous criminal on June 23 1954

Our Story 

Maggiore is a Swedish based company that is focused on making the most unique and exclusive looking headwear on the market.
We created Maggiore to fit people that strive for success and happiness in life.

We encourage you to make your own path and creating the life you want and have always dreamed of.
For a long time people have enjoyed modern artwork and exclusive clothing. But the two are never combined. Here is where we come in and make it happpen, we are creating some of the best looking headwear there is.
Our caps are made in high quality velvet and they will make you feel unique and special.



The photo was taken 1954 by Örke. Aftonbladet

The Photo is now listed on Stockholms stadsmuseum

Picture Number: SSMAB000040