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Introducing the MAGGIORE Aperta in Crystal, an emblem of sophisticated design and unrivalled craftsmanship. These sunglasses are the perfect blend of style and quality, becoming an essential accessory that enhances any wardrobe.

Design and Materials

MAGGIORE Aperta in Crystal showcases a stunning crystal-clear frame paired with precision-cut lenses, manifesting a spirit of clarity and class. The frame is made from high-grade acetate, which provides a luxurious finish and impressive durability. The lenses offer total UV protection while maintaining absolute clarity.

Comfort and Fit

56 [] 17 - 150

With a universal fit and smooth lines, these sunglasses cater to all face shapes, ensuring a balanced and comfortable fit. The adjustable nose pads and lightweight frame provide a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout the day.


Taking cues from the legendary Aperta cars, the MAGGIORE Aperta in Crystal encapsulates a sense of freedom and luxury. These sunglasses are more than just eyewear; they signify an aspiration for life and a drive for excellence, reminiscent of the power and grace of the iconic Aperta cars.

Exclusivity and Packaging

MAGGIORE is a hallmark of exclusivity. The Aperta in Crystal sunglasses come in premium packaging, complete with a stylish case and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Every pair is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, reaffirming MAGGIORE's dedication to authenticity and quality.


MAGGIORE Aperta in Crystal sunglasses are the ultimate choice for the contemporary trendsetter. Their exceptional design and unparalleled quality make these sunglasses more than just an accessory - they are an extension of your personality. View the world through the lens of MAGGIORE and carve your own path of limitless possibilities.