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Neil Armstrong was a man of greatness, and his accomplishments continue to inspire people all over the world. One particular moment in his life showcased his incredible bravery, skill, and determination. 

In 1966, Armstrong was flying a Lunar Landing Research Vehicle during a test flight. The vehicle suddenly malfunctioned, and Armstrong found himself hurtling towards the ground at a high speed. In a split second decision, Armstrong managed to eject from the vehicle just moments before it crashed, saving his own life.

Many people would have been shaken by such a close call, but not Armstrong. He remained focused on his goal of landing on the moon and continued to work hard towards that dream. Three years later, in 1969, Armstrong made history when he became the first human to walk on the moon. 

The moment was a triumph for Armstrong and for the United States as a whole. But it was also a testament to the kind of man Armstrong was. He was a man who never gave up, even in the face of danger and uncertainty. He was a man who remained focused on his goals, even when the odds seemed against him. 

Armstrong's greatness went far beyond his accomplishments as an astronaut. He was a humble man who never sought fame or glory. He simply wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible and to inspire others to do the same. 

Decades after his moon landing, Armstrong's legacy lives on. His name is synonymous with greatness and his story continues to inspire generations of people to reach for the stars.

Another moment that showcased Neil Armstrong's greatness was during the Apollo 13 mission in 1970. The spacecraft experienced a catastrophic failure that put the lives of the crew in grave danger. Despite the odds, Armstrong was part of the team of engineers who worked tirelessly to come up with a plan to bring the crew back to Earth safely. 

Armstrong's expertise in aerospace engineering, as well as his experience as an astronaut, were crucial in developing a plan that would work. He worked tirelessly alongside his fellow engineers, using his quick thinking and problem-solving skills to help develop a plan that would save the lives of the astronauts. 

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Armstrong and his team, the Apollo 13 crew was able to return safely to Earth. Armstrong's calm under pressure, his expertise, and his unwavering commitment to excellence were key in this mission's success. 

Throughout his life, Armstrong continued to inspire others with his greatness. He went on to work as a professor of aerospace engineering and remained a passionate advocate for space exploration. His life serves as a reminder that greatness is not just about achieving incredible feats but also about staying true to one's values, working hard, and inspiring others to do the same.



Our Story 

Maggiore is a Swedish based company that is focused on making the most unique and exclusive looking headwear on the market.
We created Maggiore to fit people that strive for success and happiness in life.

We encourage you to make your own path and creating the life you want and have always dreamed of.
For a long time people have enjoyed modern artwork and exclusive clothing. But the two are never combined. Here is where we come in and make it happpen, we are creating some of the best looking headwear there is.
Our caps are made in high quality velvet and they will make you feel unique and special.




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