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"Actor Tom Hanks on Fox Studios Back Lot"

This premium cap is made in velvet material and has a photo of the American movie actor Tom Hanks when he pops a champagne bottle during making of movie "Bachelor Party" on steps in the backlot of 20 Century Fox Studio in Century City, California, circa 1984. The cap is  limited edition and once Sold Out it will never be sold again. 


"Tom Hanks"

Hanks is one of only two male actors to have appeared in seven films,
each of which grossed over $ 100 million;
the other is Tom Cruise. Hanks has also been awarded an Oscar in the category
of Best Male Lead for two years in a row,
which only he and Spencer Tracy have succeeded in doing.


Our Story 

Maggiore is a Swedish based company that is focused on making the most unique and exclusive looking headwear on the market.
We created Maggiore to fit people that strive for success and happiness in life.

We encourage you to make your own path and creating the life you want and have always dreamed of.
For a long time people have enjoyed modern artwork and exclusive clothing. But the two are never combined. Here is where we come in and make it happen, we are creating some of the best looking headwear there is.
Our caps are made in high quality velvet and they will make you feel unique and special.



Photo by Nik Wheeler/Corbis


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